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Siell' Sielun Ruokit Juuri (Där sig min själ får styrka) 
Photography, pigment print, various sizes
Installationphoto: Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Kambodja 2013

Siell' Sielun Ruokit Juuri is psalm nr.76 in 1695 years psalmbook. The place where the photographs in this work comes from was part of the strong Laestadian Lutheranism. The village which are in focus is also the place where my father and family is from. This serie of photographs is a poetic story about my familys relationsship with the forrest, where my soul finds its strengths. We use the forrest in different ways, but foremost it keeps us warm during the winter. This work, collection wood, is where different generations meet and learn through this silent knowledge exchange.