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Jag drömde att jag var Hanna Resvoll Holmsen, 2014/2021 - on going

This work starts from a note that I made in my working journal in 2014. The note describes a dream in which I was the botanist and photographer Hanna Resvoll Holmsen (Norway,1873-1943).


Summit of Dreams, 2020
A hand moving over the image of a mountain projected on a yellew tent.

One spend Approximately 10-15 minutes on the top of the world's highest mountain. The longer you stay on this high altitude, the higher is the risk for you to die. This obsession of the mountain can take you anywhere but for me the obsession has never taken me anywhere. So I made this installation. As a  love letter to the unreachable mountain.

Video (13 min), yellow tent, stones  

Ädno / Älven / The River, Selfpublished Photobook 2020

This is a photobook that follows my journey along Lule River, from the mountains to sea. With a pink hard cover, inspired by the bright color of the flower Rallarros, the journey is framed within its brutal landscape of industries, dry furrows, electricity lines, old forrests and still water. It takes us 450 km straight through the county Norrbotten.

VERK: Det rinnande vattnet som inramning och ämne - Mattias Lundblad

OMKONST: Dramatik med påfallande lugn - Mattias Lundblad

NATUR: När Älven tystnar - Anna Froster

Hasselblad Foundation - boksläpp, samtal med Louise Wolthers

Selfpublished photobook
ISBN 9789151943237

Bindning: Inbunden Hårdpärm
Formgivare: Vendela Wetterström
Översättare: Anders Rimpi & Emma Johnson
Sidor: 96
Språk: Svenska Engelska Lulesamiska
Tryckeri: TMG & BEAST Studio
Upplaga: 500
Utgivningsår: 2020

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Artist book
15 postcards in handmade box made of recycled cardboard, edition of 1

Hela världen sjunger ju, 2014


Artist book
bird poetry on copy paper edition of 30

Vi tittar på naturprogram på söndagar utom när det är hockey på TV, 2013

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 Artist book, Edition of 5, 2013

Time never repeat itself, 2020

So I put my camera on a tripod in my garden.

April 2020.

I left it there recording as I sat inside doing video-meetings from a small room in the attic of the house I am renting. My partner was on parental leave with our youngest child. So every morning we let the hens out to walk free in the garden. We only do that when we are at home. During this time period we were at home all the time.  

The hens move individually but at the same time always as a group. I guess they stay close to each other as protection.
3-channel-video installation (10 min on loop)

3 different videos, one on a henshouse, one on some bushes and one video is on a nest. Sometimes something happens, most of the time the video is very still. In the background you can hear children play, sound of cars from a road and birdsong.

Blooming Life in the Wreck of Death, 2017-2018

The title of this project is a rewritten quote from Mary Shellys Frankenstain. The project was exhibitied 3 times during 2018, due to the 200 years anniversy of the book Frankenstein.

The images is from my own experiment of making a hybrid. To do a new species that can help the human survive in the future when the soil in the earth is worn out on nutrition.

The experiement is fake news. I use non scienctific methods, turning plants into objects that are both beautiful and disgusting at the same time.  

Photography Pigment Print 100x140 cm

Myrorna och Hägern, 2015

The work was temporary and placed in "Magiska Trädgården" in spring / summer of 2015. I wanted to create a place to hide, which is heated by the sun light. If one leans back, one can easily enjoy a blue sky. The title came to after several herons flown past during construction and it looks like a rickety anthill.

Temporary installation leftover tree branches, stones and twigs.

My Studio Garden, 2014 - 2015

During my final year at the BA in Fine Art at Konstack, I used the my studio space to grow plants instead of making "art". i wanted to open up my studio-space and give it a new function. It was a way to challenge my own artistic practice. Violate artist norms and habitual thoughts.

When I moved out of the studio in the spring, I planted some in the public space. Other plants I gave away to friends.
Temporary installation

Me as an Arctic Hero, 2014

a temporary installation in Tromsø 2014: selfportraits looking out on the arctic landscape: as many men had done before me.

Temporary installation
Transparent photographs mountet in windows


A collaboration with Simon Gran Danielsson.

Save the Tornetraskdolphin is a scientific , artistic research project where Europe's only freshwater dolphin are mapped. The dolphin lives in Scandinavia's largest mountainlake : Torneträsk. 

Commercial art, performance, pins and sticks. 

Siell' Sielun Ruokit Juuri, 2013

Siell' Sielun Ruokit Juuri is psalm nr.76 in 1695 years psalmbook. The place where the photographs in this work comes from was part of the strong Laestadian Lutheranism.

The village which are in focus is also the place where my father and family is from. This serie of photographs is a poetic story about my familys relationsship with the forrest, where the soul finds its strengths.

This work, collecting wood, is where different generations meet and learn through this silent knowledge exchange.

Photography, pigment print, various sizes