Siell' Sielun Ruokit Juuri (Där sig min själ får styrka) 

Angkor Photo Festival
Siem Reap Kambodja, oct 2013

De fattiga och de rika
Virserums Konsthall, feb - sept 2014

Prioritet: Minioritet
Västerbottens Museum, aug 2018

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Blooming Life in the Wreck of Death

If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear 
- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, 1818, s.173 

Köttinspektionen in Uppsala.  20 jan - 4 feb 2018

What Could Not Be Expected in the Country of Eternal Light
Galleri BOX 27 April - 27 May 2018

I Go; But Remember, I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding-night
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, 1818, sid, 193
Umeå Konsthall. 1 Sept - Oct 2018 

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Pop Up Library
Pop Up Library is a curatorial project, a concept and an art collection of artist's books that is constantly changing exhibit space and context.

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Nötkråkans Park 
Opening of the Nötkråkans Park in Umeå. September 201. A collaboration with Simon Gran Danielsson. A site-specific non-site-specific work. The park changes all the time depending on how the birds are moving in the city. But the sign for the park is placed between Hemvägen #20 and #2. The  park is still open. 

As the Crow Flies
Solo exhibition at Gallery Alva. 

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Vi tittar på naturprogram på söndagar förutom när det är hockey på TV

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Myrorna och Hägern
Temporary sculpture 

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Me as an Arctic Hero 
Temporary sculpture 

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