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Pop Up Library #3

Guest in Konstfrämjandets Västerbottens “Zinebibliotek och Verkstad” in december 2017 - Read more!

Pop Up Library #2

The second time pop-up library was shown public. This time Simon Gran Danielsson formed the idea around the show, where he invited artist having works revolving around a site or a place. On the table and in the large room at Galleri Alva we showed artist relating to that idea.

Invited artist:
Beate Persdotter Løken (SE), Jemina Lindholm & Elina Ylhäisi (FIN), Alfred Laurens Fabricius Gundersen (DEN), Marija Griniuk (LT), Sofie Berntsen (NO), Jacob Hurtig (SE) och Thomas Hansson (SE)

In the collection works are showd by Daniel Kent (CA), Sara Linderoth (SE), Ulrika Sparre (SE), Johan Melander (SE), Melanie Letore (SCO), Tessa Van Thielen (BEL/SE), Karin Nordgren (SE), Sonia Hedstrand (SE), Lotta Törnroth (SE), Maev Lenaghan (IRL/SE), Mia Rogersdotter Olofsson (SE), Simon Gran Danielsson (SE), Annika Stridh (US/SE) and Ellen Angus (UK/SE)

Pop Up Library #1

A collaboration with Jonas Malmberg, Anna Parker, Razvan Anghelache och Simon Gran Danielsson. Installed at Museum Anna Nordlander - Skellefteå Konsthall.
Pop Up Library is a concept and art collection of artist's books that is constantly changing exhibit space and context.

During the exhibition at the Museum Anna Nordlander appeared the following artists with their works:
Daniel Kent, Sara Linderoth, Ulrika Sparre & Steingrimur Eyfjord, Anna Kubista, Johan Melander, Melanie Letore, Tessa Van Thielen, Karin Nordgren, Sonia Hedstrand, Lotta Törnroth, Maev Lenaghan, Mia Rogersdotter Olofsson, Simon Gran Danielsson, Madelen Eliasson, Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel, Marsil Andjelov Al-Mahamid, Shamer Nyland Kinniya, Astrid Stridh, Ellen Angus, Anna Parker, Jonas Malmberg