Hybrid #1 dag 221, Photography Pigment Print 100x140 cm

Hybrid #18 dag 7, Photography Pigment Print 100x140 cm

Hybrid #12 day 10, Photography Pigment Print 100x140 cm

Hybrid #6 day 18, Photography Pigment Print 100x140 cm

Blooming Life in the Wreck of Death

The title of this project is a rewritten quote from Mary Shellys Frankenstain. The project will be exhibitied 3 times during 2018, due to the 200 anniversy of the book Frankenstein.

The question around how we in the future will be able to produce food for a larger population on soil that has less and less nutrion I thought that maybe the solution is to make  a potatoecactus that can grow above ground in sun, faster than a potatoe can grow right now in the soil.

The experiement is fake news. I use non scienctific methods to make the new species, turning them into objects that are both beautiful and disgusting at the same time.